1. unresponsiveness, undemonstrativeness, dispassion, stoicism, philosophi-calness; impassiveness, impassivity, stolidity, stolidness, bovinity; imperturbability, unprovokability; cool, coolness, composure.
2. inactivity, nonparticipation, indifference, apathy; unconcern, uninterestedness; disinterest, dispassionateness, objectivity, neutrality; inaction, nonintervention, noninterference, laissez faire.
3. nonresistance, acceptance, submission; yielding, acquiescence, compliance, resignation, resignedness; tolerance, toleration, forbearance, patience; endurance, sufferance, long-suffering, longanimity.
4. submissiveness, docility, unassertiveness, meekness, humbleness, humility, gentleness, tameness; deference, servility, servileness, obsequiousness, toadyism.
5. obedience, tractability, tractableness, conforma-bility, conformableness, biddability, biddableness; malleability, malleableness, pliability, pliableness, flexibility; obligingness, agreeability, agreeableness, amenability, amenableness, complaisance.
6. languor, lassitude, listlessness, feebleness, weakness, faintness; laziness, indolence, idleness, otioseness, otiosity, supineness; sluggishness, phlegm, lethargy, hebetude, heaviness, dullness, torpor, inertia.
7. quiet, quietness, quietude, stillness; peace, peacefulness, calmness, calm, tranquillity, tranquilness; serenity, sereneness, placidness, placidity.
8. motionlessness, immobility, inertness, stasis, stagnation; suspension, abeyance, quiescence, latency, dormancy; sleep, slumber, rest, repose.
9. repression, suppression, containment, withholding; hiddenness, concealment; potentiality, potency.
10. lifelessness, zestlessness, blandness, insipidness, insipidity, dullness, boringness.

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